Plastic Additive(I)

Plastic Additive(I)

Name:plastic additive(I)


Model : BSB-10110


Product  Application Characteristics:

1. It is superior in thermal stability and weather fastness and has good dispersity and consistency with PVC and excellent electrical insulating property.

2. It has excellent ultraviolet light resistance, balanced lubrication inside and outside, and a wide processing adaptability.

3. With good anti-precipitine and polymer processing stability, it increases the extrusion velocity, decreases the plastifying temperature and Prolongs Production Period.

4. It Significantly improves the outdoor usability and pressure burst resistance of PVC tubular product and pipe product.

5. It facilitates the fusion of PVC and obviously improves the welding property and shock strength of PVC profiles.


Usage: It can be used for environmental automobile leather, foam board, floor glue (which is used in hospitals, airports, schools, research institutions, naval vessels etc), artificial leather, hyaline membrane, toy film, vehiclewrap, PVC glove, PVC medical soft or semi-hard product, window-shades, wire and cable compound, printing ink, coating and so on. It also can be applied to food packaging film, all kinds of environmental toy products and so on.

Annual output: 6000tons

Package: 25kg plastic bag inside & woven bag outside.


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